Italian Flatbread

Italian Flatbread



 1 kilo flaxseeds

 20 gr oregano

 200 gr almonds

 1L water

 4 red onions

 3 small courgettes

 3 garlic cloves

 4 tablespoon tahini

 4 teaspoon Himalaya salt

 pulp of tomatoes, bell peppers and fresh herbs such as parsley, dill, coriander.

 additional 500 ml water

 1 jar of olives



Pulverise the flaxseeds, either in a blender or a coffee grinder, mix well with the oregano in a large bowl and put aside.

Use the almonds and 1L of water to make almond milk in a blender, no need to sieve the pulp out, put aside in another bowl.

The rest of the ingredients, apart from the olives, mixed well in a blender. Add the olives right at the end but allow them to remain a bit chunky in the dough.

Add the mixture to the almond milk/pulp and blend carefully.

Finally, put the moist dough into the bowl with the pulverised flaxseeds and oregano and knead together with your hands, until well blended.

Spread the mixture onto dehydrator trays with non-stick sheets, with thickness of about ¾ -1 cm. Use a spatula to form slices in the shape and size of however you find convenient. Place in the dehydrator at 46°C, turn the slices over after about 12 hours and allow to become fairly dry, yet remain soft. 

Keeps for a long time if kept in an airtight container in the fridge. You can also put it in the freezer and just take out as many slices as you need shortly before consuming.

Use as any other types of bread, with spreads and toppings to your liking. Enjoy!