Anthony's Kitchen

Anthony's Kitchen

As you can see in the "About" section, the whole reason why my family are Raw Foodists is because of my son's serious condition and life threatening illness during the first years of his life. It wasn't until we tried Raw Food that he became healthy around the age of six. Notice how I don't say "regained his health" because he had never known life without illness before that, he had been in bad health since birth. 

I sometimes wonder how an adult would have dealt with all the pain and suffering Anthony had to endure for five years straight - but I guess if that's the only reality you know, you just keep going. The difference between his first 5 years and the next 5 years after that was amazing and today he has such a strong spirit and is such a happy, energetic, healthy boy.

My journey as the RAWmother began because of him and it's no coincidence that I chose to open my website on his 11th birthday.

Anthony is also very interested in making Raw dishes and curious about healthy food now. He sometimes asks me to change or invent a recipe for something he's seen other people eat, to make it healthy enough for him to eat. That's how I came up with the first pizza base, I wanted him to keep enjoying his favourite dish and be able to have pizza nights as before. 

I love having Anthony with me in the kitchen making his meals and snacks. He puts on his ear muffs and then pumps up the machines to make something delicious as fast as he can; not a word can be heard in the kitchen then! 

And that's how "Anthony's Kitchen" came about. When I started talking about setting up my own website, Anthony really wanted to take part in it and show other kids how to make simple dishes and kiddies' snacks that were also packed with nutrition and so healthy that no one ever gets a slap on the wrist for reaching for more treats - a win-win for everybody!

So, Anthony has his own food channel and I'm his assistant! We've just spent most of his half-term break filming and had a lot of'll understand why when watching these out-takes.  

Anthony's dad is editing the videos (the good ones) now and we'll upload them soon so stay tuned!