Be Health-Conscious!

Be Health-Conscious!

Whether you want to gain more energy, build muscle, reduce your belly fat, put on weight, improve your digestion, rid yourself of bloating, lower your blood pressure or clear up your skin and make it glow, I recommend you start by changing one thing: STOP.COUNTING.CALORIES.

Eating healthier food doesn't automatically mean eating low-fat or low-calorie foods. Stop making that connection, now!

Give the bathroom scale a little break. Concentrate on eating healthy food rather than a restricted amount of calories.

Reprogram yourself to become health-conscious, not weight-conscious. Start loving your body the way it is and care for it as if it’s your most precious possession. No wait, it IS your most precious possession!

By just adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily diet, you will see a positive change very soon. Your digestion will improve, your energy will pick up, you’ll feel full longer after meals and your skin will become clearer and more glowing and your eyes will sparkle more.

But there will be a lot of positive effect that you can’t see on the outside straight away, your liver and kidneys will be thankful and all your cells will be jumping with joy, well, so to speak.

If you keep in mind all the good you’re doing to your body by eating more healthy food, you’ll feel better about yourself, become proud of yourself and see a different image in the mirror; a body that you really care about.

And if you start feeling good about your food choices, you’ll start feeling better about yourself too and become more thoughtful of how you treat your body. In time, your food choices will become good habits and you might even consider making more changes to your diet, taking you further on the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

And being healthy should be your priority, we only have this one body and we need to make it last us a lifetime!