Spicy coconut flakes

Spicy coconut flakes



 12 cups (600 g) coconut flakes
 4 medium sized tomatoes
 2 apples
 1 cup sundried tomatoes with oil
 2 garlic gloves
 ¼ cup nutritional yeast
 1-2 tablespoons Chipotle chilli flakes (2 tbsp make extremely HOT taste)





Put the coconut flakes in a separate bowl and set aside. Put everything else, except for the chilli, flakes into a blender jar and blend until you have a thick, smooth paste. Then add the chilli flakes and continue blending for just a few seconds.

Now pour in the coconut flakes and fold them carefully in so they're covered in the spicy paste. Spread onto three dehydrator trays with non-stick sheets and leave in the dehydrator for 8-12 hours before turning them over and then keep drying them until they're crispy enough.

Enjoy this tasty snack - once you try it you can't stop munching on it!