Amanda Baxter - Masseuse and Sports Therapist

Amanda Baxter - Masseuse and Sports Therapist

Amanda (Scotland) is a beautiful person in every way. She is active in everything when it comes to health and wellness. Amanda loves warm hugs.

"Meeting Elfa has had a positive influence on me; she has a presence when she walks into a room, glowing with health and vitality.

Inspired by her, I embarked on one of her cleanses. I am not going to lie, it was challenging but very well put together. I felt there was plenty of support and information so you knew exactly what to do.

Elfa is very genuine, nurturing and full of knowledge. Elfa really knows her stuff and this made me feel safe and confident doing the cleanse.

I made some of Elfa’s raw food recipes that I still use today. Who knew eating raw could be so tasty?

I would highly recommend Elfa's services. Thank you, Elfa, for all you do; you are rawsome!"