Ása Guðmundsdóttir - Yoga Instructor/Aroma Therapist

Ása Guðmundsdóttir - Yoga Instructor/Aroma Therapist

Ása (Iceland) is a former hairdresser with passion for health and well being, is a trained yoga instructor and aroma therapist and is very interested in raw foodism and how people can use nutrition to manage chronic illnesses. 

"Elfa is an amazing and a very inspiring woman with a lot of positive energy.

I first tasted her raw food around 6 years ago and I was surprised what she was making; cheese, snacks, crackers, bread and pesto, all very delicious so I was lucky when she decided to have a 2 day workshop in Reykjavik to teach raw food preparation. I did not want to miss that and I also inspired a few friends to attend with me.

Since then I have been following her and using her recipes again and again; they’re so easy and so delicious. I also don’t want to forget to mention her group on Facebook when we did a cleanse together; people from a few different countries together like one family. With her inspiration and motivation, it was easy to follow with her loving and caring energy for each one of us in the group.

Thank you Elfa for all the positive inspiration you have brought into my life. For that I will always be greatful <3"