Inge Vanden Berghe - Business Owner

Inge Vanden Berghe - Business Owner

Inge (Belgium) is a warm hearted and hard-working business woman. She is one inspirational lady, who thrives on helping other people succeed in life!

“I am so honoured and grateful that I am allowed to share with you my gratefulness to Elfa.

A few years ago I was very ill, my body was full of eczema and my body’s pH level was very high. Elfa helped me to change my daily food habits and also my morning routine. I followed her recommendations, it was not easy but so worthy. I started my day with lemon water, ate more salads and made sure to get enough sleep!

My second step was raw food which I did 100% for 3 months and it’s a new fantastic habit. This has changed my life 360 degrees!!! Every year now, we do a "New Year’s Cleanse" and it feels so good.

Elfa is so genuine and has influenced me in a very positive way: Elfa, thank you so much for all you do and to be in my life.❤”