Joe Box & Fanney Fox - Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Joe Box & Fanney Fox - Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

This Icelandic couple is in the lead when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices and taking good care of the nutrition they give to their children. Ronja and Nói are the living proof, super strong, healthy and active vegan children. Joe is like nobody else when it comes to making the most amazing raw vegan dishes, he's born a master chef, it simply is in his blood! An incredible couple in every way and so much fun to be around. It's truly inspirational to see how they choose to raise their family.

"We met Elfa about 7 years ago, through our kids. At that time we were vegetarian but started moving towards raw foodism, especially after seeing what a genius Elfa is at whisking up incredibly beautiful, tasty and nutritious raw food dishes.

A few years ago, we were lucky enough to get a place her Raw Food cooking course in Iceland and it was simply fantastic. We learned a lot and Elfa’s wonderful personality shone through there as in everything she does. Everybody went back home completely full and happy, and also full of new knowledge and carrying the recipe folder that came with it. That folder is very worn now as it’s been used a lot in or house so we’re really looking forward to her next cooking course; all four of us are going to be there!”

Family members are always so excited about trying the food that’s been made in Elfa’s kitchen and we’ve never been disappointed. Elfa is a wizard of preparing food that’s packed with nutrition and tastes amazing.

Elfa has also guided us through juice cleanses that we’ve done once a year for the past siz years and had very good results. She never tires of educating us about what’s useful and what works best because she knows so much about both the physical and mental sides of nutrition.

Her guidelines are clear and well-presented and are accommodating for each and every one to follow their own pace and conviction. We have always felt very good during and after a juice cleanse; we always look forward to starting a cleanse because it’s so nourishing for both body and soul and it was Elfa who made us see that.

Elfa researches everything really well and goes all in; everything she does she does with precision and care. She always cares more about others’ benefits first and we’re very grateful for knowing Elfa; she has a heart of gold and is kind through and through."