Samantha Stout - Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

Samantha Stout - Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

A former professional ballerina, Samantha is very fit, a hard working business woman and mother of two. Her outgoing, fun and lively personality draws people to her. 

"Elfa is a beautiful soul, inside and out. Since meeting this amazing lady in 2013 I have wanted to learn more about health, looking and feeling good and caring properly for my family.

Elfa's 14 day cleanse was perfect for me. The attention to detail was great. I knew what I had to buy, what to prepare and make but most importantly 'how' I was going to feel and the changes/side effects my body was going to put me through. Elfa was there all the way, inspiring me, making me try new things. The cleanse was very effective; I had more energy, felt less bloated and my body felt alive! I have now incorporated this into an annual cleanse and look forward to it every January.

Elfa's raw food is out of this world. In my ignorant pre-Elfa life I thought raw food meant salads and not much else. Little did I know how tantalising, colourful, mouth-watering and pleasurable raw food and Elfa's recipes could be. They always leave me wanting to learn how to make them.

One of the main changes I've adapted to daily is drinking 1L of lemon water every morning. It's a great way of kick starting my metabolism after its 'sleeping mode' and know it's so good for me. Such an easy thing to incorporate into our busy lives.

I look forward to more learnings from Elfa and know that whenever I am ready to develop my knowledge further she will guide me every step of the way. Thank you for everything you do. Always caring, always sharing and always inspiring.”