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When my son Anthony was born, his intestines were loose, twisted and squashed inside the abdomen. You can just imagine in how much pain he must have been. Unfortunately, his condition wasn't discovered right away so he just cried a lot and underwent a lot of examinations before, at four and a half months, the horrible truth was discovered and he underwent surgery where his intestines were put in place and basically fastened.

After the operation, Anthony had a virus infection that almost completely paralysed his digestive system. He had to have more surgeries and had further complications so the problem snowballed. He often got very ill and was taken to hospital a lot. He had difficulties eating food and didn't develop the skill to chew food. So it became a battle every day to get some nourishment into my little boy, and when I succeeded, he usually had tummy ache afterwards and often vomited.

One of the problems that arose were crystals forming in his urine bladder; Anthony often had abdominal pain which increased drastically when he was two years old and he also started being thirsty all the time. After quite a while, it was discovered that he had a huge bladder stone which had caused him a lot of pain and damaged the inside wall of his bladder. Anthony had been drinking so much fluid because while there was urine in his bladder, the stone was floating and didn't hurt him as much as when the bladder was empty. Anthony had to have yet another surgery to remove the stone and I had to be very careful not to give him foods that could spur crystal formations in his urine, such as cocoa.

And so I continued with the seemingly endless task of trying to nourish my child. I used the juicer and the blender a lot to make juices and smoothies for Anthony to give him maximum doses of nutrients, just so that he would get at least the minimum, recommended daily dose, for that’s all his body managed to absorb. I can’t put into words the agony of having a child that can’t be properly nourished; every mother knows that when you have a baby, nothing seems to matter more than making sure it is fed properly. This is hard-wired in us and can be seen in all animal species. And the mothers suffer if their offspring are malnourished. Some days I spent up to eight hours trying to get Anthony to eat something; it could take a whole hour to get him to chew a little piece of cucumber well enough for him to swallow.

Anthony was four and a half when he was finally able to chew his food properly and started eating more solid foods. But his digestive system still didn't start working properly and his body’s absorption was poor so Anthony scored very low on all tests for nutrients, especially iron. He was given transdermal patches with iron and even intravenous doses of iron, to no avail; his body simply didn't absorb iron, wherever it came from. I had been reading a lot about nourishment and knew that deficiency of various nutrients in children, whose bodies are growing fast, can lead to all sorts of complications and conditions and what we were really facing was that Anthony would always be an ill child, and possibly have a life threatening condition if nothing were to change.

After thorough research, I decided to try and put Anthony on Raw Food diet for one year. Of course I went on that journey with him and pretty soon the rest of the family followed so it simply became our new lifestyle. After seven months, Anthony had his regular check-up and the results were amazing. All his levels had sky rocketed, whether it was vitamins or iron! No crystals were found either and all tests ever since have shown similar results. So there was never a question of continuing with the Raw Food diet; we enjoyed the food and we all felt so much better. Anthony's dad, Kristján, had been overweight, with high blood pressure and constant headache so was taking pain killers all the time. After he started eating Raw Food, he lost 30 kilos (4st 10 lbs), his BP got better and he completely stopped needing pain killers or muscle relaxants.

Today, Anthony is a healthy, energetic boy. He’s very interested in the food preparation and loves tasting new things and making something yummy. He often joins me in the kitchen, which can get pretty loud then; we put on our ear muffs and turn on all the gadgets, Anthony gets a real kick out of that. And then we all sit down together to enjoy the results!

I've said it before and I’ll say it again: it was a true blessing for the family that Anthony came to us, ill as he was. He has taught us so much and I'm thankful to him for leading the rest of us onto this path. I believe there’s a reason why he was sent to me and I want to give of me and teach others what I have learnt from being Anthony’s mother. 




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