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I‘m a rather ordinary mother of two; an Icelandic farm girl who grew up on a big dairy farm in South Iceland. There, I received great upbringing in a safe environment, in Iceland‘s most spectacular landscape.

Ever since I started thinking for myself, I've been interested in anything to do with health and well-being. Whenever I've run into health problems, I've kept an open mind and looked into what I could do myself to help my body to heal itself. I've used cleansing fasts successfully for over 20 years and am a great believer in them, both because I have the experience myself and from seeing the results from others that I've guided through fasts.

It‘s been many years since I became a vegetarian and my daughter, Alexandra, followed my example shortly after, although she had other reasons for her decision than I did. I choose organic foods whenever possible and have done so for years.

I first tried Raw Food when I had my first, serious health scare, when I was newly married and had a little daughter. Teary eyed, I went to see Solla Eiríks, a Raw Food pioneer in Iceland who ran vegetarian restaurant Grænn kostur at the time, and owns the Gló restaurant chain now. I didn't really know her that much at the time, I had only attended one of her cooking courses, but Solla had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica where she‘d been learning all about Raw Foodism. She simply invited me home, into her kitchen, and taught me how to sprout, make juice from grains and a green energy soup. That day, she also planted a seed in my mind, a seed that‘s now become a big tree with ripe fruit to give forward. And I will forever be thankful to dear Solla!

In those days, it was "weird enough" for people to be vegetarians, eating cooked vegetable dishes, let alone drinking green soup and grain juice. I spent a few months consuming only 100% Raw Lifefoods and I felt great. I made a decision that if any serious health issues would return, I‘d switch over to Raw Food right away. I also daydreamed about my whole family becoming Raw Foodists but deep down inside, I never believed that would be possible. My partner enjoyed his gourmet food so much and nothing could ever replace his "medium rare" steak or his BBQ lobster tails, not to mention his popcorn and cheese nachos evening snacks!

Years later, my Anthony was born, a very ill boy. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful children‘s hospital in Iceland, with such amazing staff. They saved my boy‘s life more than once so I have nothing but gratitude and more gratitude to everybody at the Hringur‘s Children‘s Hospital!

However, Anthony‘s health problems couldn't all be cured and a few very difficult years followed. I did a lot of research to try and find a permanent cure for my boy and found a few things that helped him a lot. Bowen technique was one of the treatments that helped him the most so I wound up learning it myself to be able to treat him whenever needed; for instance, reducing his frequent vomiting.

Even though I had had such a good experience from Raw Food when treating myself, I had to do a lot of reading and researching before I was willing to try putting my child on Raw Food diet for one year. We decided to do it together, me and Anthony, because it didn‘t make sense to me to put him on a special diet all by himself. This was just an experiment for the two of us, to see if there would be a positive change in Anthony‘s health. It came as a total shock to me when I heard my husband say he was willing to do the experiment with us. Alexandra was also very open and positive and soon after, decided to follow our example and eat 100% Raw Food on a daily bases, although she allows herself to try other foods when elsewhere, at friends‘ parties etc. 

It has now been over 10 years since the whole family changed their lifestyle, food-wise. And it proved to be our greatest blessing to have Anthony coming into our lives, as ill as he was. He has brought us together, onto this healthy eating path and by doing so, given us better health and potentially longer lives as well. Through us, he‘s also touched the lives of so many others because people we know have been inspired to make healthier food choices, and they then inspire others and so on. I was determined from the beginning that the change wouldn't become a big deal or limit our interaction with other people. We have lots of great friends who eat all sorts of food and we've made sure not to let our change in lifestyle affect our relationships with friends and family.

Since I began this journey, many people have come to me with questions and looking for advice. Some of them, I've invited into my kitchen for a day, just like Solla did with me all those years ago, and I've taught them all I possibly could in such a short time. I've always wished I could do that for everybody who look to me for advice and guidance and now I finally have found the way to do that, through this website!

So, I hereby invite you into my kitchen, where I will teach you as much as I can about preparing Raw Food; how to make all sorts of delicious food from clean and healthy produce, without losing necessary enzymes and nutrition from the foods. The possibilities are endless and I never feel deprived of anything!

This website is dedicated to my boy, Anthony. I believe there’s a reason why he chose me as his mother and that I am intended to spread the knowledge I've gained, and everything I'm still learning, from having him entering our lives.

I hope you will find this website helpful and encouraging in changing and improving your and your family’s lifestyle, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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