About Raw Food

At first glance, people might think that eating Raw Food means eating only raw, unappetizing and cold food. That is absolutely not the case; I see Raw Foodism as one method of food preparation and something that everybody can do.

Raw Food is prepared without cooking and includes eating foods as unprocessed as possible; vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sea weed, grains and even beans, prepared and served in various ways.

When preparing Raw Food, the food is never heated above 46°C. That way, vital nutrients remain undiminished because cooking foods above 46°C reduces nutrients and important enzymes and our bodies don‘t process the food as well as it could. Raw Food helps the body to harness the nutrients from the food, to strengthen itself and protect itself from ailment.

I‘m a raw vegan, as are most of those who follow 100% Raw Foodism; that means we don‘t eat any animal products. Very few people are “raw vegetarian”, i.e. vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy that still are prepared like other Raw Foods and apparently, it is possible to be a “raw carnivore” and include some raw fish and meat in your otherwise Raw Food diet, but it’s very rare.

My recipes and instructions are therefore all raw vegan style but of course it‘s totally up to you what you do, whether you want to add a dollop of cream onto your slice of cake, add eggs or dairy cheese to your salads etc. A lot of my Raw Food dishes can be added to a conventional meal as appetizers, side dishes or desserts so you can simply look at this as a way to add variety to your diet.I encourage people to eat organic foods whenever possible, but that‘s one of the basis of the Raw Foodism ideology. I also recommend that people consider the origin of the food they buy, whether it‘s mass produced and transported from afar, or grown by smaller producers and preferably closer to where you live – which means it‘s more fresh produce and you‘re supporting your local economy, sustainability and encouraging healthy food production and trade practices.

Eating Raw doesn't mean I feel deprived of anything; I don‘t have to deny myself the pleasure of eating pizza, tacos, spicy Indian food, spaghetti, cheese, biscuits, cakes or chocolate. I eat all of that all the time and stopped counting calories long time ago. Instead, I count the nutrients because I think it‘s more important to be healthy than thin. In my house, people simply eat when they‘re hungry and stop eating when they've had enough!

However, by eating more nutritious and pure foods, your appetite becomes more balanced, grazing reduces and you‘ll feel full soon and for longer. By following the Raw Food diet, I'm making the most of the food and because it‘s filled with vital nutrients, my body doesn't feel it lacks anything.

In my mind, eating Raw means eating well and nicely, to respect your body, to respect the food you get and to respect your environment. I love preparing tasty, healthy and beautiful dishes, serve them prettily and enjoy mealtimes with my family who are all conscious about what we‘re eating and why.

Every day I enjoy all kinds of delicious foods that I know are good for me in every way. If you want to add Raw Food into your daily eating habits, in either big or small portions, I‘d love to give you a helping hand!