Anthony's Kitchen


Chia Pudding  

Now, technically, Chia pudding is considered breakfast but I sometimes have it whenever I feel a little peckish, whatever time of day it is. If I make it from chocolate milk, it tastes like a dessert and is a great treat whenever I want to reward myself for something. It's good to have the base ready in the fridge at all times and then I just have to add some fruit before digging in!


Bell Pepper Dip  

This dip is awesome, or as mum always says: RAWSOME! I use it to dip my veggie sticks in, carrot, cucumber, broccoli...I've tried dipping most veggies in it. It's so tasty I could actually eat it with a spoon! And it's really easy make so excellent to make as after school snack or even to bring in your lunch box. 


Chocolate Milk - Recipe  

I had never had chocolate milk made from chocolate milk powder, or what is called in Icelandic "kakómalt" when I heard it mentioned in an Icelandic kids' song. My mum explained it to me and I thought it was a great invention, being able to make chocolate milk in two minutes, whenever I wanted to! So we came up with this simple recipe for Chocolate Milk Powder, something I love having access to in the pantry! :)


Keith's Balls - Recipe 

The first time my mum made these snack balls it was for the family to snack on while driving up to Scotland to visit our friends Keith and Catherine. We still had some balls left when we arrived and Keith loved them and wanted to know what they were called, so we named them after him and Keith's Balls have been a favourite snack in the family since. :)


Banana Ice Cream - Recipe

I love ice cream and with my mum's raw ice creams I could have ice cream every day if I wanted to! It only needs a little bit of thinking ahead but if you've got frozen banana slices in the freezer all the time, you can easily make ice cream in 5 minutes after school!