This is the first thing I recommend you invest in for your Raw Food kitchen, if you don‘t own one already. I recommend really powerful blenders, no less than 1200W, such as Blendtec or Vitamix. They give much better texture of everything you make and they‘re one of the best investments I have made! Too many people think they can save money by buying less expensive blenders, but then go through 4-5 blenders before buying one that lasts them a lifetime.



Food Processor

Is an appliance that I use a lot too when preparing food. I use mine every day, whether I'm making some vegetable dish, a cake base, hummus, purée, chocolate...
If you‘re planning on buying one, I highly recommend you choose a food processor with no less power than 1000W. One food processor with 2-3 different sizes of bowls would be a good choice. I can personally recommend the Cuisinart appliances.



This is an absolute magic device with which you can turn all sorts of vegetables and fruit into beautiful, cylindrical “pasta” in no time. The favourite in my household is sweet potatoes, beetroot and courgette. It‘s a very handy solution when you don‘t have much time to make dinner.


This appliance would multiply the possibilities of your Raw Food kitchen. You can make almost anything you want in a dehydrator, without losing nutrients as you would do with an ordinary oven. I make bread, crackers and biscuits, pancakes, tortillas, various snacks, granola, cakes, buns, burgers, chips, nuggets, pizzas...the list goes on and on! A dehydrator is not essential but WOW, it is so much fun making all those goodies with it. I can personally recommend Excalibur and Sedona dehydrators; you‘re gonna want those with 9 shelves and remember to also order non-stick sheets.

Ice cream maker

If your family loves ice cream then this would be a good investment. You can make some lovely mixtures which your ice cream maker turns into delicious, velvety smooth ice cream in 30-45 minutes. We LOVE our ice cream maker and use it at least once a week. And it‘s a very nice touch to your dinner party to be able to offer your guests freshly-made ice cream.

Nut milk bag

It helps to have a good cloth bag when making nut milk or milk from grain. Sometimes I even use it to filter juice, if I've made it with a blender.



Something that should be on the worktop in every single kitchen and used every single day to make all sorts of healthy drinks for the family, drinks full of nutrients and antioxidants, which is what so many people lack these days. The fact of the matter is that the soil where our food is grown isn‘t as rich with minerals and nutrients as it was a few decades ago. We need to consume much more fruit and vegetables today to get the equal amount of nutrients as we did back then. Juicing is the best way I know to get the maximum dose of nutrients into our bodies, because let‘s face it, there are limits to how much fruit and vegetables one person can eat in one day. Kids LOVE helping you make the juice and are therefore more excited about drinking the juice they make. 
I strongly recommend “slow” juicers, they masticate the plant fibres better and extract the most from the produce and therefore make more nutrient juices than most high-speed juicers.



Mandoline slicer

Is a very convenient and multi-functional slicer for vegetables and fruit, where you can cut them up in chunks, cubes, strips or very thin slices. It‘s a great addition to your kitchen gadgets and gives you more possibilities when adding variety to your dishes. And it will make everything look as if you‘re a master chef!