September 2016 Cleanse

7 day cleanse 9th- 15th of September 2016

Preparation: About 3-5 days before we begin, I recommend that you eliminate ALL the types of foods NOT included in this cleanse, such as coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, added sugar, grain and corn, animal products and processed foods. If you manage to do this, the cleanse will be much easier for you and you will experience less withdrawal symptoms, compared to if you decide to go “cold turkey” into the cleanse!

Foods to free your body entirely of, and exclude during the cleanse are the following:
*All animal products: meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

*All grain/corn: rice, flour, oats, rye, barley, spelt, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, sweet corn (loose or on the cob, and no popcorn either), quinoa, kamut (Khorasan wheat)…all morning cereal, bread, pasta, cakes, cookies and biscuits.

*Drinks: all caffeine beverages: coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Eliminate also carbonated beverages such as sparkling water, fruit juices and all alcoholic drinks.

*All sugar, sweeteners and artificial sweeteners: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, syrup, agave, coconut sugar, yacon syrup, dried fruit, aspartame…cakes, biscuit, ice cream, sweets…

*All processed and hardened oils: (usually come in plastic bottles) such as canola or sunflower oil, margarine, butter, spreads and all non-organic oils.

*All processed foods: that come packaged and ready-to-use

*Ready-made sauces and dressings
*All additives and MSG

*All soy products

*All nuts and seeds

***Throughout the cleanse you will be filling your body with amazing nutritious freshly squeezed juices, vegetables and fruits*** 

9th & 10th of September: Mono eating

Day 1&2: Eat unlimited amount of raw fruits and vegetables of your choice. BUT only one type at a time! You can have as many meals a day as you want to, as long as it is within the 8 hour feeding window, (see guidelines below). 

You have to allow at least 60 minutes between meals, if it is a different type of fruit or veg from what you had in the previous meal! So for example if you want apples for breakfast, you can have unlimited amount. Then allow at least 60 minutes until you have a different type of fruit or veggie, for example cucumber, that you then can have as much as you like of.

You can drink freshly squeezed juice of your choice, but only from a single type of vegetable. BUT you can add a bit of ginger and lemon/lime to any kind of juice J

Then of course water as much as you can, the more the better.

When we mono eat, we are making things easier for our digestive system. The body is able to absorb the nutrition from every meal much better, when it is just from a single fruit or vegetable.

11th to 13th of September: Green Juices

Days 3, 4 & 5: Unlimited amount of freshly squeezed green vegetable juices, full of nutrients, energy and vitamins, that will boost your energy at the same time as help clean all of your major organs.

Drink as much of the juice as you need to maintain full energy! Usually it means 3-4 litres a day.

Depending on your juicer; 2 cucumbers + 1 bunch of celery will give you about 1L of a great juice base.

Ideas for vegetables you can make juice from, for the green cleansing juices:
- cucumber

- celery

- kale

- spinach

- watercress (strong flavour so best not to use too much at once)

- fennel

- courgette

- broccoli (can make the juice pungent if using too much)

- fresh herbs (coriander and parsley are my favourites)

- wheatgrass

- lemon

- lime

- turmeric

- ginger 

***If your juicer produces juice with a lot of pulp, you need to filter it through a nutmilk bag, or a fine sieve before drinking it!

You can use the pulp in many ways, such as to make crackers, burger buns, pizza base or bread, or add it to all kinds of recipes you normally make. It’s easy to freeze the pulp in small bags and use it later when cooking.

14th of September: Smoothies & juices

Day 6: Today we will start to ease into having solid food again after 3 days of juicing, by adding smoothies to our list. It is best to keep the first smoothies super simple and only have 1 or 2 types of fruit or berries in it, plus some leafy greens to make it even better. Choose fruits and combinations you like best. Here are some ideas:

*Strawberries & banana & spinach

*Blueberries & mango

*Pineapple & mango & kale

*Banana & blueberries

*Apple & blueberries & spinach

*Papaya & orange

Simply add the fruits and greens of your choice into your blender jar and blend up until smooth. Drink your smoothie slowly and “chew” it! Today you should aim to have 2-3 smoothies during the 8 hour feeding window and 2L of green juice of your choice as well. Don’t forget your water!

15th of September: Smoothies - salad - juice

Day 7: Time to get more solid food in J Today start the day with a smoothie of your choice, similar to yesterday.

For lunch get some leafy greens into a bowl with some sliced up unsweet fruits like cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, avocadoes…

For dressing blend some extra virgin olive oil + lemon juice and pinch of salt together and drizzle over your salad. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. You can have a glass of green juice with your salad. Drink 1-2L of green juice today as well, anytime during the day, as long as it is in within the 8 hour feeding window.

Don’t forget your water J

Further guidelines to follow every day during the cleanse: 

Start each day with:

 *Drinking a large glass of purified water (1 liter), with organic lemon.

Squeeze the juice out of 1 lemon into a 1L jug of water. Drink all in one go, or as quickly as you can. Wait at least 30 minutes before having anything else to eat or drink. 

*Dry brush your skin. Start from your toes, up along your legs and torso towards your heart, then from fingers, up along your arms towards chest and heart.

*Give thanks for all the good things that life’s given you. There are endless things to be thankful for and these are good thoughts to start the day with. Ideal to think about while you drink your lemon water and dry brush your body, as a suggestion. J

*Drink at least 3 litres of water during each day! Super important!!!

*8 hour feeding window & only water after 6pm.
The body, not the least the digestive system, needs rest during the night to “repair” after the wear of day and we sleep much better if we go to bed a little hungry. It’s best to allow 16 hours between the last meal/juice of the day till the first meal of the next. You can look at it this way: when you have your first meal (juice or smoothie), of the day, you are opening up an 8 hour “feeding window”, where you will consume all the food and drink, except water, you are having that day. So if you have your first meal at 8AM, you will have your last at 4PM. 

*Exercise every day. A vigorous walk gets the lymphatic system going and thus helps the body to cleanse itself. Yoga is considered exceptionally good while cleansing the body. Be careful with heavy exercise during the cleanse, however, sometimes it’s all right. Listen to your body; it’ll let you know if you’re overdoing it. 

*Pamper yourself!

Use some good, cleansing and nourishing masks, deep conditioners for your hair, have a massage, holistic treatment, pedicure or whatever it is that is pampering for you and makes you feel good. Be generous with your skin and use moisturizers, but beware of oils or skin creams that contain additives that restrict the skin’s natural breathing. 

*Epsom salt baths

It is very detoxing and healing at the same time to take Epsom salt baths. You can get big sacks of Epsom salt in the next garden centre, or buy them online for very reasonable price. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and will boost your magnesium levels at the same time, as it detoxifies the body. This is such a treat and the best thing you can do before going to bed at night. People pay a lot of money to lay in Epsom salt floating tanks for up to an hour!

Simply put 3-4 cups of Epsom salt into warm bath water. You don’t want to have the water too warm. If you want to have a deluxe type of bath, add 20 drops of lavender essential oil into it as well. Soak in this warm relaxing, healing & detoxifying bath for 30 min. 

*Go to bed early, this is SUPER important!
Ideally, go to bed between 9 and 10 in the evening. Our bodies produce “healing hormones” between 10pm and 2am, BUT it can only happen while we sleep! We need these hormones to stay healthy. One of the best beauty tips is good sleep and to get a good dose of healing hormones as often as we can, preferably every night. J

*Using a sleep eye-mask, which ensures you’ll sleep in complete darkness, it’s like a magic trick!
Our bodies can only produce melatonin, a hormone which is essential for us, while we sleep in total darkness. The smallest night light or brightness that manages to break into our rooms completely shut down the production of melatonin. So splurge on a good sleep mask that eliminates any light from reaching your eyes while you sleep, and you’ll feel the difference soon. J I can personally recommend the Tempur sleep masks, they’re worth every penny.

*And then, if you’re hardcore, I highly recommend that you have an enema,to multiply the effect of the cleanse.

During the cleanse, it’s preferable to do an enema every other day (best to have it daily), at home while carefully following the instructions. Or have a certified colon cleansing treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms are common on a cleanse such as this one. Obviously, it all depends on what your regular diet was to begin with, what sort of withdrawal symptoms you experience. Caffeine, alcohol and sugar/sweeteners cause the strongest withdrawal symptoms during the first few days. So if any of those are a big part of your steady diet, the first days of the cleanse may be heavier on you than others. Most of the withdrawal symptoms should occur, and pass, in the first 2-4 days. That’s why it’s important to eliminate those foods during the preparation period, to make the cleanse itself easier on you!

The main withdrawal symptoms are headache and lethargy. Some people feel nauseated and others have diarrhoea. These are all very common symptoms when the body starts cleansing itself and experiences withdrawal from stimulative substances in its regular diet, such as caffeine and sugar. Nothing will help as fast to ease off withdrawal symptoms as taking an enema!

Listen to your body as much as you can. If you feel tired in the middle of the day, allow yourself to have a lie-down, if you can. After the first couple of days, when you’ve had the worst withdrawal symptoms, you should experience more energy than you had before starting the cleanse. Your body will be filled with a unique feeling of wellbeing and it will blossom as it’s being nourished with light meals and juices. And it gets the time it needs to self-heal, including resting the digestive system.

After the cleanse I challenge you to continue practising as many of the habits recommended during the cleanse as possible, such as drinking lemon water in the morning and drinking a lot of water during the day, the sleep habits, having freshly squeezed juice every day, dry brushing your skin, give thanks, exercise and pamper yourself. And preferably using the 8 hour feeding window, making sure not to eat anything after 6pm. J

I hope this cleanse will do you wonders and bring you a beautiful, healthy body and immense wellbeing in every way.

With love


Please respect my copyright for this cleanse. Don’t share it online or send it to anyone else, unless asking me first!